Savoring the countryside

A small gem born from the renovation of the premises of the old workshop. Created thanks to the contribution of a European project, which allowed the recovery of tools and materials from the past, it is a warm and welcoming environment where you can taste the typical products of the area: from the extra virgin olive oil produced on the premises to the wines, cheeses, and cured meats from the Maremma hinterland.

The decor is in a rustic style, with stone walls, wooden floors, exposed beams, and the large terracotta oil jars from the ancient olive press. The antique hand-drawn agricultural map meticulously describes the crops and productions that have characterized the history of Tenuta di Poggio Cavallo, and the terracotta jars and grape residue serve as valuable evidence of this heritage.

Here, visitors can go for check-in/check-out procedures, information, support, and purchases. In fact, you can directly order, book, and purchase bottled and canned versions of our extra virgin olive oil, as well as other products. We have carefully selected some local specialties from the surrounding area that you can purchase and we guarantee you will appreciate. Soon, we will also integrate our offerings with the best products from local businesses. You will also find charming gadgets and gift ideas from Tuscany.


Prodotti cosmetici naturali e biologici

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PRIMA SPREMITURA by Idea Toscana is the first certified cosmetic line that respects the environment, the territory, and health. It contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Toscano IGP," certified by the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil (IGP). It transforms the aroma and properties of Olive Oil from being exclusively used as a food ingredient to a cosmetic raw material.

You will find a beautiful and fragrant assortment of soaps, moisturizing soaps, nourishing creams, bath foams, body creams, shampoos, conditioners, body butter creams, lip balms, sponges, and exfoliating pads. They are also available in composite gift sets.

The products of the farmer

shop prodotti 02From jams to honey to preserves, the farm offers a wide range of products. Depending by the season, these include garden products preserved in oil such as artichokes, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, eggplants, and mixed vegetables, as well as creams, compotes, fruit sauces, and juices.

The respect and care for the plants and their fruits make these products true culinary treasures to be savored until the last drop. From producer to consumer, they are processed without the addition of additives or preservatives to ensure the quality and flavor of the fruits and vegetables.

The wines of Castello di Montepò.

vini montepo

Authentic and noble Tuscany is found at Castello di Montepò, in the countryside of Scansano, where the lands transform into legendary vineyards.

Surrounded by forests, olive groves, and the gentle hills of Maremma, this ancient manor has served as an impregnable stronghold since medieval times, defending the borders of the estate. With 550 hectares of land, including 50 hectares dedicated to vineyards, Jacopo Biondi Santi has skillfully capitalized on all the great potential of a territory historically renowned for producing excellent grapes.


 JeT Rosè 2020

From the Sangiovese Grosso "BBS11" grape variety, an intense and fragrant rosé wine is born. Harvested from the coolest and best-exposed vineyards, through careful white vinification at low temperatures, a wine of extreme freshness and salinity is produced.

 Sassoalloro 2018

A fresh, round, and dynamic Sangiovese from the great Biondi Santi tradition. The name "Sassoalloro" derives from a volcanic erratic boulder on which numerous legends have been created over the centuries.

Castello di Montepò 2019

A bottle that preserves the oldest heart of Maremma. This red wine, with a strong territorial identity, stands out for its enveloping ethereal notes and fresh red berry fruit aromas. It provides a preview of the palate experience, where it reveals a dry, savory, and well-structured profile, with smooth and persistent tannins.

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