Portrayed in the picture is Martino, Poggio Cavallo's mascot, a sweet and gentle boy who gets on well with other canine pals. The other is Gaia, a regular visitor captured while sleeping blissfully on the stones warmed by the sun. Dogs, cats and pets are welcome in our farm. We simply ask that you take good care of them and take all precautions so that they do not disturb other guests.

Here are some tips for those who wish to bring their dogs to the beach...

Beach dogs in Marina di Grosseto

In LE MARZE, there is a 300-metre long dog-friendly beach area; please note that there are no beach facilities. The Municipality of Grosseto has put up specific signage along the provincial road no. 158 named Strada delle Collacchie, in the stretch that goes from Marina di Grosseto to Castiglione della Pescaia. The relevant regulation is in force from 1st May to 30th September. Pets must be kept on a leash and - obviously enough - owners are required to pick up after their pups (source: APT 2011). To get there, drive past Fiumara and continue towards Castiglione, shortly afterwards, after about 500/800 metres, you will come across a parking lot and restaurant on the left. The access to the pine wood is on the right. There is no sign marking the designated dog access area outside the pine wood. You will encounter the first dog access sign after a ten-minute walk in the wood (about halfway there). The beach is wide, clean and is all public free beach. The water is clean, too (that is to say, clean for Marina’s standards...) There are frequent inspection rounds. However, they normally turn a blind eye if your dog happens to be taking a swim, although officially dogs are not allowed in the water. There is a café not far away near the beach that welcomes dogs as long as they do not disturb other guests.

Beach dogs in Castiglione della Pescaia

150-metre long public free beach in a location named Il Piastrone (Punta Ala) between beach establishment "Il Quadrifoglio” and Casetta Civinini. To get there, take the Strada Provinciale 61 when you see the signs to the beach. The municipality provides for pest extermination, disinfection and cleaning 4 days a week. Operations are completed by 8 a.m. On the beach, there are special baskets in which users can throw the excrements of their pets. (source: APT 2011).

Also in Castiglione della Pescaia between the Etruria camping place and bordering on the Municipality of Grosseto (200 metres north of the Marze beach). Tel. +39 0564 927126 State Coastal Property Administration. For official information on dog-friendly beaches in Castiglione, you can also call the Municipal Police at +39 0564 927251.

Beach dogs in Piombino

Perelli area between Riotorto and Piombino, reach Aurelia, exit Riotorto, continue towards Piombino, pass junction, in the order Torremozza, Carbonifera, beach establishment Bagno Bagnoskiuma, continue about 2 km, you will see exit Perelli 2 on the left. Continue to the beach (do not park your car along the road on the right because you will get a fine), there is a car park further down the road on the left, slightly lower than the roadbed. The beach for dogs is signposted and very close to the car park. A portion of the beach is public free beach, the other section is run by an establishment that offers beach umbrellas and should be quite cheap. The water is fantastic, with a pebble beach.

Beach dogs in Argentario

Another beach with a designated dog access area is found in the direction of Argentario on the Giannella beach, at the mouth of the Albegna River at a location named Torre delle Saline, Albinia. The beach is quite large and well-kept, and used to be free of charge until last year. It can be packed with dogs on weekends during the summer. There is a nice car park (for a fee). There are no shaded shelters, water taps or rescue service, and owners must either bring their own water for their dogs or enquire at Camping Village Bocche d'Albegna.

80-Metre long stretch of beach located about 200 m to the left of the access named "Caravaggio" (Ansedonia side), signposted area with temporary equipment run by company TUEGS. There are no shaded shelters, water taps or rescue service, and to provide water for their dogs owners need to enquire at the nearby state property facility run by company TUEGS (source: APT 2011).

Another very beautiful and well organised beach "Playa del Can", on Feniglia beach. Once you get to beach establishment Braccio, just below Cala Galera, continue on foot southwards for a few hundred metres. The beach is wonderful, ideal for you and your pets. The shallow water is perfect for bathing. A convenient wooden walkway leads to the facilities.

Some information may not be up to date. Please let us know of any places you discover or about your experiences.

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