The Poggio Cavallo farm is not far from the coast, so if you are no big fan of swimming pools and wish to visit the most beautiful beaches between Follonica and Monte Argentario, here are our tips. Cala della Civetta, Castiglione della Pescaia, Principina a Mare, Marina di Alberese, Cala del Gesso in Argentario...

Cala Civette

Distance from the farm: 40 km

If what you want is a clean, wild beach, most people will recommend Cala Violina. Unfortunately, it has not benefited from recent property building and overcrowding. The large, dusty car park does not help, and the beach can be chaotic in peak season. Go for Cala Civetta instead, and the like-named white tower overlooking it. On your way to Punta Ala, turn right towards Punta Ala Camping Resort, pass the large camping place and will reach an ancient bridge over the Alma ditch. Park your vehicle, follow the path through the reed thickets and you will reach the beach next to the camping place. Walk north just a few more minutes, pass the mouth of the ditch and there you are. The café at the camping place is conveniently accessible from outside the resort.

Il Capezzolo

Distance from the farm: 28 km

The name of this beach is spelled like the Italian word for ‘nipple’ (although it’s pronounced differently). All puns aside, it’s not a nudist beach. It is the most beautiful beach in Castiglione della Pescaia, and the cleanest because it is protected by a rocky outcrop that reaches into the sea. Fine sand and crystal clear water. It is just outside town, just continue north in the direction of Riva del Sole. If you are coming from provincial road SP Castiglionese di Grosseto, you can take the scenic road at the roundabout right after entering the village, and enjoy the most beautiful view of the coast from above. The Capezzolo beach is right before Riva del Sole. There is a little car park near the sea, under the pine wood.

Principina a Mare, Capanne beach

Distance from the farm: 19 km

spiagge-toscana 01It is the most beautiful beach of the Tyrrhenian tombolo (aka ayre) in the Grosseto area. By far cleaner and more interesting than Marina di Grosseto. Just north of the mouth of the Ombrone, it is located a short distance from the Maremma Regional Park. During storms, the river carries tree trunks that litter the beach and are then used to build wooden huts, sometimes remarkable in size. Visitors use these huts from time to time to take shelter from the sun. Because of them the beach is a known lovers’ spot. The temptation to use them as a base for parties with bonfires is strong but remember that bonfires on the sand are prohibited. (You are allowed to bring your own barbecue grill, though!)

From Grosseto south, enter, pass under the railway in the direction of Il Casalone, continue on the plain towards the sea, and then turn into the pine wood towards Principina a Mare. At the roundabout after the petrol station, do not go straight, take the third exit onto Via del Luccio. Continue 200 metres and proceed in the direction of the sea, on Via dell'Anguilla and then onto Via dello Squalo; continue past the beach establishment and park before the dunes. Continue walking south. It is a huge beach, the farther you walk, the more huts and wild nature you will encounter. It is a popular beach fishing spot; fishers usually show up after 7 p.m.

Marina di Alberese

Distance from the farm: 23 km

spiagge-toscana 02The beach lies inside the Maremma Park. During the peak, there is an admission fee if you’re driving there, but it's worth it. It is the beach just south of the Ombrone mouth, near the Trappola Tower. You need to behave respectfully towards nature here. The last leg of the road has a speed limit of 30 kph to avoid disturbing the many wildlife species present here. It’s best to leave the car and get there by bike. Foxes will get as far as the beach if you have food with you and sometimes even Maremmana cattle will graze near the dunes. A tip: walk to the Collelungo tower, a beautiful beach chosen by actors Benigni and Troisi for the ending of "Non ci resta che piangere" movie. The Collelungo tower is part of another park route. Read the page dedicated to the park.

Cala del Gesso

Distance from the farm: 55 km

spiagge-toscana 03Are you up for a challenge? The most beautiful and uncontaminated beach in the Argentario area is also the most difficult to reach! This is maybe the most beautiful beach of all the Silver Coast and possibly of Maremma. Rocky shores and sea beds teeming with fish, sand and pebbles. Rocky gorges and rock spurs overlooking the sea. Water is by far the clearest water you'll find.

Enter Santo Stefano, reach the village at the tip and continue on the scenic road (SP 65) up to Isolotto Argentarola. At Km 5+900 there is a green gate. Proceed on foot, the gate looks like a private access, but access is allowed on foot. Park on the roadside, a 15-minute walk downhill and a path in the bush overlooking the sea await you. The path is difficult, more so on the way back, but the view is breath-taking. Do not forget to bring your camera. Bring your own drinks and food because there are no café or any other facilities on the beach. The locals come well stocked with water and food, we recommend stopping in Santo Stefano to buy provisions as the beach is worth spending the day.

Map with directions to the beach