Passionate stargazers might be interested to know that this is a privileged area for sky observing.

Encased between the Ombrone River to the west and the hills rising to Scansano and on to Mount Amiata to the east, this is one of the least light polluted locations in Italy...

The relief surrounding it and the city of Grosseto located round the curve of the hill shield this location from the artificial light sources so effectively that it has become a privileged spot for sky-gazers.

A small astronomical observatory is located near the hill Tino di Moscona in Roselle. Here, the night sky comes alive with the bright glow of the stars, offering an amazing sight.

The AMSA Observatory

The astronomical observatory is located a few kilometres from the farm, in Roselle and is run by the local association for astronomical studies, the Associazione Maremmana Studi Astronomici. The observatory is open to the public on Fridays all year round.

Visiting hours:

  • Summer: from 10:00 p.m.
  • Winter: from 9:30 p.m.

Groups up to 10 people no need to book. The observatory is open regardless of the day of the year in the case of important astronomical events. This means it is open every year on the night of the shooting stars, known as the night of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of the city of Grosseto, and on the 20th of July, the moon landing day.

For more information, please visit Associazione Maremmana Studi Astronomici

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