If the beaches we have suggested are not enough and you want something more adventurous, what about going to the sea instead of going to the beach?

Sailing is the most beautiful way to see and experience the Tuscan archipelago. Elba, Punta Ala, Castiglione della Pescaia, Giannutri, the mouth of the Ombrone River, the cliffs of Formiche, the Island of Giglio, the Argentario: you will see the Tuscan coast and archipelago, with its hidden coves and beaches that cannot be reached from the inland. Our advice, as usual, is to avoid the most trodden paths, the locations where everyone else is going. This is how...

Forget crammed beaches and sun umbrellas, book a seat on a sailboat and enjoy the purest sea and wildlife experience. "Vuoi fare vela" organises daily outings, for groups of adults or children. You sail and swim during the day, back in the harbour in the evening you remember the good times and the new things you learned on the boat.

Please note that these tours are not organised by us. These are simple suggestions. For more information and sailing tour bookings visit http://www.vuoifarevela.com or call +39 340 7124438 (Samuel).

During the tour, even on short trips, you will learn about sailing and navigation! You will learn sailing basics and some theory, the concepts of true wind and apparent wind, how to adjust the sails, some basic knots, how to land and moor on the quayside.

What nature sights will you see? The most beautiful ports and the coastline of Tuscany, the Maremma marine park, the islands, the coves and the most beautiful beaches.

What will you learn about sailing in one day? You will get familiar with the boat, perform the first manoeuvres, and get a smattering of maritime nomenclature.

Where will you be sailing? On the coast before Marina di Grosseto, Tuscany.

How long? Half a day, one day or more.

When? All year round.

What boat will you be sailing on? Sun Odissey 34.2: 12 metre sailboat, with 3 cabins, 1 bathroom, kitchen.

How much does a boat trip cost? Rates start at 35.00 euros.

There are endless options, you can agree the route with the skipper, weather permitting. Going out to sea and taking sailing lessons (even for one day) is really easy.

For more information visit vuoifarevela.com

Should you find that you love sailing, you can take a sailing course or book outings over a longer period of time. Here is the programme: one week sailing course for 1st and 2nd skill levels; navigation training; course before or after boating license test; mooring course; courses for spy, gennaker or Parasailor sails; deep sea cruises; transfers.

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