Poggio Cavallo is located south-east of Grosseto, exactly on the state road between Istia d'Ombrone and Grancia, directly connected to the Scansanese road to Saturnia. The thermal pools of Saturnia are exactly 45 kilometres away. Once you get there, there are two options: visiting the Gorello Waterfalls or the Terme di Saturnia SPA.

Saturnia thermal springs: the natural hot springs of Gorello

At the Gorello Waterfalls, you can bathe at leisure completely free of charge. It’s best to go during low season, preferably on a working day. You can take a dip in large natural pools next to an old mill amidst clouds of sulphur steam; it is really a beautiful place surrounded by meadows and reed thickets. If you climb back upstream along the pools on the side where the mill stands, you will come across a beautiful little waterfall and sit underneath to enjoy a water massage. Next to it, a small café with a pergola overlooking the waterfalls, is the best place to enjoy a delicious sandwich. Recently the car parking has been regulated with a paid area connected with an illuminated pedestrian path: it is a little further away but much more convenient. The bathrobe has become strategic for walking the 100 meters from the water to the car, especially in winter.

Here are some tips to enjoy the Gorello waterfalls

  1. If possible, go to the pools on working days, when it’s less crowded. It’s beautiful at any time of the day, but at sunset it’s stunning. People get there as early as dawn, many camp in a grove just below the waterfalls.
  2. Leave everything you do not need in the car, so you don’t have to worry about thefts. Do not leave any purses, bags or valuables in sight.
  3. Bring only your car keys, plastic shoes, a towel, a plastic bag and some change for the café place.
  4. In winter, keep the towel as close as possible: getting out of the hot water into cold air gives a real thermal shock. You can store your clothes, car key and change in the bag and hang it from the branch of a shrub.
  5. The café next to the waterfalls has installed coin-operated showers along the path that climbs to it. For one euro, you shower off the smell of sulphur after you get out of the water, even though they say that you should not rinse off the sulphur water to fully enjoy its benefits.

Saturnia thermal springs: the thermal park

If you are looking for more comfort, changing rooms, swimming pools and walking routes in thermal pools at different temperatures, continue on the SP159 road and go to Terme di Saturnia SPA, just 200 metres from the Gorello waterfalls. Here you will find four outdoor thermal pools, whirlpools and many waterfalls with different heights for you to enjoy a water massage; smaller pools, canals and hot and cold walkways for vascular therapy. The temperature of the hot water is 37°C. Next to the swimming pools, there is the luxury wellness centre with an exhaustive offering: beauty treatments for the whole body, rain drop massage, hot stone massage, candle massages, four hand massage, and the blackrose sector, the ultimate in luxury with private rooms, oil sprinkling, regeneration paths ... the sky’s the limit.

Saturnia thermal park rates

Daily admission costs around €25.00, half-day admission €22.00.

Hours of operation of Saturnia thermal park

The facility is open from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during spring and summer seasons. Until 5:00 p.m. in winter period.

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