Lagoons with pink flamingos, pristine beaches, cork oak and pine forests, coastal towers, villages perched on rocky outcrops. If the Maremma Park is not enough for you and you wish to visit other beautiful natural areas off the beaten track in southern Tuscany, you can choose from 3 beautiful WWF wildlife sanctuaries around Albinia, Capalbio and Roccalbegna: the WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Lake of Burano, the WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Lagoon of Orbetello and the WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Rocconi in Roccalbegna.

These three beautiful natural areas are just half an hour's drive away from the Poggio Cavallo farm. If you love nature, we recommend that you visit them. The best period probably is September, but the WWF organises guided tours in July and August, too. The contact info is provided below.

WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Lagoon of Orbetello

Visits: Tuesday and Saturday at 5:00 p.m., reservation required

Description: the wildlife preserve spans nearly 2,000 acres, and the 3-km tour trail runs along the edge of the lagoon. The hotspots for bird sighting are well kept and freely accessible, equipped with cane-mesh blinds and nets with openings for lenses. Pink flamingos and egrets are common encounters. 6 Sighting posts, 2 towers, visitor centre and guesthouse; there is also a small, very well kept botanical garden.

The wildlife preserve is in the lagoon of Orbetello - you can reach from the Aurelia road, take the south lane at Km 148.300 and continue on the dirt road until you reach the parking lot. A little further south there is also another beautiful spot that gives access to the lagoon through the beautiful cork oak forest of Patanella.

The environment is very varied: sandy coastline, dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub, pine forest, brackish lagoon with glasswort, freshwater ponds, cultivated fields, groves of poplar, elm, ash, cork. Over 200 bird species can be observed in the lagoon, as this is the nesting area of the black-winged stilt, the stone curlew, the harrier, the bee-eater, the mallard and the great spotted cuckoo. Ducks, limicolous birds and waders crowd the lagoon during the migration season. Among the rarest species are the flamingo, the osprey, the spoonbill, the lesser spotted eagle, the glossy ibis, the stork, the oystercatcher, the collar pratincole, the western cattle egret, the red-neck phalarope. Mammals include the fox and the badger.

For information: +39 0564 898829 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Lake of Burano

Visits: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00 p.m., reservation required.

Description: the nature trail is 2 km long (there and back) and runs amidst lush Mediterranean vegetation on the tombolo that separates the sea from the wetland. There are many bird watching hotspots. To get there, take the Aurelia road and exit at the junction of Marina di Capalbio (km 133); after passing the railway underpass, turn left and continue for 3 km in the direction of Chiarone. The preserve is very close to the beautiful village of Capalbio, where a great many events and art exhibitions are held, so you can organise visits to both destinations on the same day.

For information: +39 0564 898829 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WWF Wildlife Sanctuary Rocconi

Visits: Sunday at 10:00 a.m., reservation required.

Description: on the 3-km nature trail, with an altitude gain of 200 meters, you will see tall vertical walls and rock pinnacles overlooking a beautiful forest of broad-leaved trees. There are also two small rivers, Albegna and Rigo. We recommend wearing close-toed shoes and appropriate clothing because the trail is steep and you will be crossing some streams, but bring your swimwear and underwater mask, too, because there are a few swimming spots along the trail.

The area is in the municipality of Roccalbegna, to reach it exit the SS Aurelia at Km 145.900 and take the SP 68 (Maremmana), follow the signs for Manciano-Saturnia and then Roccalbegna. The habitats and animal species are similar to those of the Orbetello Lagoon. When you have finished the trail, you can visit Roccalbegna, with its characteristic rock pinnacle and the church. Also in the vicinity are the locations of Semproniano, Santa Caterina, Vallerona, where many festivals are held during the summer period.

For information: +39 334 9447214 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The information, programmes and contacts provided here are subject to changes over time, we recommend that you visit the WWF website at to check for updates

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